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BiTherm, offers a wide range of products and services that will provide you the best solution and quality for your steam and condensed networks, and energy saving needs.

E-World and Water Fair in Essen, Germany
2008, 01, 03
BiTherm formed part of this prestigious event, held February 18-21 2008 in Essen, Germany. SmartWatchWeb, the company's flagship product, was... Read More...
19th World Petroleum Congress in Madrid, Spain
2008, 01, 08
BiTherm formed part of this prestigious event, jointly sponsored by REPSOL YPF and CEPSA. It was celebrated in Madrid, Spain on June 29 through July... Read More...
20th World Petroleum Congress in Doha, Qatar
2013, 01, 01
BiTherm was a part of this prestigious event, held December 4-8 2011 in Doha, Qatar. During this important international event we introduced the... Read More...
21st World Petroleum Congress in Moscow, Russia
2014, 10, 02
The 21st World Petroleum Congress will be held in Moscow June 15 - 19 2014. BiTherm will be a part of this prestigeous event, where the most... Read More...
BiTherm in 21th WPC
2014, 16, 06
At #21wpc providing the means to reduce water consumption and improve steam usage efficiency by a 15%. Our qualified staff, always at your service.... Read More...
BiTherm in the motorbikes
2014, 03, 06
BiTherm keeps betting for Francisco Sánchez Castilla in the amateur motorcycling 900cc category. Under this tier he will compete in the 38th... Read More...
Great steam savings and CO2 emission reductions at PETRONOR
2014, 03, 12
PETRONOR's refinery at Muskiz has dropped its energy intensity index (EII) under 100 for the first time. EII is an international marker... Read More...
BITHERM gets homologation by SAUDI ARAMCO
2014, 05, 12
BITHERM is happy to announce its recent homologation as manufacturer and supplier for monitoring systems and steam and gas leak detection at SAUDI... Read More...
Energy Efficiency and Reduction of Emissions
2015, 07, 12
BITHERM would like to thank the technicians from Técnicas Reunidas and INITEC for coming and taking part of the courses on Energy Efficiency... Read More...
New headquarter
2014, 07, 03
BiTherm group has acquired a new building for its new headquarters in Madrid. Its a 5 floor building with a total of 1.100 squared meters where the... Read More...
New headquarters for Andalucia and Portugal
2014, 07, 03
BiTherm Group is happy to announce the opening of a new regional headquarters for Andalucia and Portugal, located in Huelva. The inauguration of this... Read More...
Change of Headquarter
2014, 29, 05
BiTherm is pleased to announce that, as for May 26th, 2014 BiTherm Sistemas SA, BiTherm SL and Purgadores de Condensado SL, have changed their... Read More...