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bitherm group

A private company founded in 1977 as an energy consulting. Using our expertise in energy saving solutions, the company is pioneer in cutting-edge products and solutions for steam and condensate networks. 

We are committed to helping the leading companies to improve their performances, efficiency and environmental goals through smart industrial solutions with a long-term partnerships, innovation and quality.

Bitherm´s headquarters is located in an avant-grade architecture building in the downtown of Madrid. The newly contructed building is distributed over five floors and has more than 1.100 square meters.

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Bitherm´s factory has an automated production center including a complete assembly line for microelectronics equipped with the highest technologically advanced machinery, with artificial vision systems to assure the highets quality of its products, and a capacity over 35.000 components per hour.

The factory also has its own steam facility where the mechanical products are tested to ensure their right operation, and remote IP cameras with the aim of doing training courses on real time

With all this insfractucture, the company covers the whole range of added value of products.

Bitherm Sistemas S.A. - Company Profile

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