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DAFRAM S.p.A., founded in 1956, was the first company to manufacture floating ball valves in Italy. The long experience gathered during more than 50 years of activity ensures DAFRAM is one of the most famous and competitive companies in the world.

The DAFRAM design and production staff includes highly qualified engineers with a long experince in all technical standards and in meeting customer's special requirements. Modern design methods are employed to analyse specific stresses and deformation limits of valve bodies and main valve components.

The manufacturing process is continuosly improved and changed using the most advanced manufacturing technologies such as: multi-function machining centres and several computer controlled lathes. Special testing centers are used for testing all products and are specifically used for high pressure and large size TRUNNION MOUNTED valves.

Both vertical and horizontal testing machines as well as equipments used to determinate valve operating torques, to test valves at low and high temperatures, allow DAFRAM's prototypes to be checked and verified on site and 100% of production to be tested, checked and certified before leaving DAFRAM's plant.

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Floating ball valves

Trunnion mounted ball valves

Subsea ball valves

Twin ball doble block and bleed valves

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