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General Descripction

This super stem trap is made of a “N” number of bimetallic regulators what allows discharge a high flowrate of condensate and also offers a high flexibility and capacity of regulation.


The number of bimetallic regulators depends on the application. The behavior is like several steam traps in parallel, inside the same body. This fact increases unlimitedly its reliability and reduces maintenance and installation costs.


It is the ideal steam trap to guarantee a safety operation completely free of failures because it is unlikely that all regulators fail at the same time. The condensate temperature can be adjusted for each application. The condensate discharge is controlled by bimetallic thermostats, continuously adjusting their regulators to changes of condensate flow. Automatic air venting. Installation in horizontal position.

Operating conditions

Tabla Magnus 400.png
Magnus frente.png
Magnus Perfil.png



- Flange: DIN PN 10/16/25/40, DN 25 up to 100.

                ANSI 150/300/600# RF, DN 1" up to 4".

- Other connections upon request.

Data Sheet Magnus (English)

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