Trillium manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of Sarasin-RSBD™ pressure relief valves and safety devices for use in oil and gas and power industries (conventional and nuclear). The variety of products covers all industrial applications in which protective action against overpressure is required. Our Sarasin-RSBD™ products are recognised globally for their quality, innovative design and durability. Weir’s operations in Vendin-le-Vieil, France and in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, manufacture a comprehensive range of Sarasin-RSBD™ Pressure Relief Valves. 

Safety relief valves are designed and manufactured in accordance with API Std 526 and ASME Stamp UV Section VIII Division 1, and have been capacity tested and certified by the National Board of Pressure Vessel inspectors.

- ASME Section III ´N´, ´NPT´,  ´NV´, ASME Section I ´V´.
- API RP 520 - API STD 526 - API STD 527 - API STD 2000
- NF EN ISO 9001:2015 - NF EN ISO 14001:2015
- PED 2014/68/UE Module B+D Category VI and the CE notice.

Materials are disegned for service temperatures from -270ºC to 538ºC. Different bills of materials have been established to cover most of the possible applications, especially when corrosion is a consideration.

Material such as MONEL, HASTELLOY or DUPLEX, or other materials suitable for sour environments may be supplied on request.




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