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General Descripction

LeakTector is a portable gas or steam leak detector, designed for periodical survey of steam traps and valves. It detects abnormal vibrations on rotary machines, as well.

When a gas or steam leak is produced through an orifice, or through a valve, the high speed of the gas or steam generates a sound of high frequency (ultrasound), which is not audible by the human ear. This ultrasound is captured and analyzed by the Leaktector microprocessor and finally shown its result on the LCD display. The system is integrated by two components: probe and analyzer.

A novelty of LeakTector is its special verification function of thermodynamic steam traps, allowing the evaluation of the low energetic efficiency states (cycle too short) of this type of steam traps.

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The device operation is extremely easy. It includes only one multifunction button and a turn on/off switch. The multifunction button allows selecting the sensitivity of the analyzer, which can be selected among six different ranges:

   1- High sensitivity, for low pressure (15 - 50 psig)

   2- Medium sensitivity, for median pressure (50 - 250 psig)

   3- Low sensitivity, for high pressure (>250 psig) 

   4- TD Specific function for Thermodynamic steam traps.


- Steam trap survey.

- Gas and steam leaks detection.

- Vibration detection in rotary machines


Data Sheet LeaskTector LT3/LT3-EX (English)

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