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General Descripction

SmartWatchWeb steam trap monitoring system combines innovative technologies (digitization, sensorization, acquisition and data processing.) to perform accurate real - time steam trap failure diagnostics in order to achieve 10% to 20% steam saving by appliying Intensive Maintenance Methology on a huge population of steam traps.
SmartWatchWeb offers extraordinary flexibility by combining wired & wireless architectures to easily adapt to any industrial enviroment. Its scalability allows monitoring thousands of steam traps in a single monitoring network and platform.

Monitored intelligent steam traps  combine the excellent characteristics and performances of Bi-Thermostatic steam traps with the innovative Monitoring SmartWatchWeb™ Technology. Their Aluminum Nitride valve guarantees maximum quality, durability, reliability and maximum energy efficiency.

In addition to they ability to detect steam leaks or any other operational incident, maintenance of monitored steam trap is very simple, fast and non-invasive, without requiring any spare parts and no downtime.


Data Sheet SWW 11 (English)

Data Sheet RF41 (English)

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